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What foods provide boron?

Fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts, and legumes are rich sources of boron, while meats are among the poorer sources. Beer and wine also make a respectable contribution to boron intake. Although not established to date, human requirement for boron is probably about 1 mg daily.


What does boron do in the body?

In the human body boron is found in relatively great concentration in bone. Although its exact involvement remains a mystery at this time, boron seems to affect certain factors that impact calcium metabolism. This is an area that has been receiving more and more attention as scientists attempt to better understand bone diseases.


What happens during boron deficiency and toxicity?

Boron deficiency results in an increased urinary loss of calcium and magnesium, assumedly derived from storage primarily in bone. Conversely, taking large amounts of boron may induce nausea, vomiting, lethargy, and an increased loss of riboflavin.



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